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"Eezy safe, search and share your digital assets in one system"

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​​​​​​​why Digital Asset Management?

Getting attention for your company, brand and products is more and more complicated because of the explosive growth of the (mobile) internet and the constant increase in the diversity of media.  All digital files that contribute to get and maintain the attention of your target audience are important assets you want to manage effectively.


Assets that are quickly found, can be used more effectively.

Browse collections or search across hierarchical folders

Minimize the number of search results by filtering on type of asset, collection, tag(s), format, size and / or uploader​​​​

Make smart selections by combining filters


Add tags to selections, for example for campaigns or specific applications

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​​​​​​​new features


the number of assets, the quality (and often size) and the diversity of media in which assets are published, increase rapidly . And by the tranient nature of social media in particular, anticipating rapidly is a necessity . This is a continuous process that makes increasingly higher demands on a system to manage assets.

​In EezyBridge almost all operations, relating to search, modify, use and share assets, are reduced to a few simple functions in one application:


upload ...

upload one or more (different types of) assets directly from your browser

place them in a collection

add generic attributes to multiple assets at once

​​​​and specific attributes to individual assets

place the assets in EezyBridge

edit ...

view the generic data of a set of assets or the individual data of a single asset

change collection

remove tags or add tags
add (or modify) a description to individual assets

share ...

e-mail a link of one or more assets in EezyBridge directly to various stakeholders such as colleagues, (advertising-)agencies, purchasers and distributors

the recipient can access the shared assets in EezyBridge via the link

free trial

with the free trial you can try out EezyBridge 2 weeks for free. You get 1GB storage and access for one user. You can upload, search, filter, modify and share assets. After 2 weeks the free trial will stop automatically, unless you decide to purchase a subscription. Do you want to get to know EezyBridge quickly? Please contact us for the free trial and discover the advantages of Digital Asset Management with EezyBridge!

your assets are well protected

​​​​​​​Managing your assets well is not enough ... Product Images, (enriched) product information, campaign materials, videos, 3D renders, ads, banners, catalogs, price lists, corporate resources, logos ... You will also want your main assets to be well protected. That makes sharing assets risky. In EezyBridge your shared assets will therefore be well protected.


assets beveiligen icoon

shared assets are encrypted ...

assets downloaden icoon

assets are downloaded instead of e-mailed ...

beschibaarheid gedeelde assets icoon

​​​​​​​limited availability date ...

Software as a Service

​​​​​​​The digital world develops rapidly. In order to be able to continue to meet the changing requirements, software must be developed continuously. Therefore EezyBridge is offered as an online service (SaaS).



​​​​benefits of a SaaS solution:


minimal investment, do not pay for purchasing the software but for its use

no need to purchase your own server

no IT resources required

use the latest version, the software is always up to date

assets are stored safe in the cloud and accessible from anywhere online regardless of size or location

a subscription is adaptable per month

​​​​​​​what's new


May 24, 2019

We are moving


As of May 27, 2019 We like to welcome you at our new address:

ProPlanet BV
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The Netherlands


March, 19 2018


EDA (Electrical Distributors Association) represents the electrotechnical wholesalers in the United Kingdom. The EDA members together account for about 80% of the industry. On the ETIM UK website, EDA's David Bates (Project Manager ETIM UK) explains the differences between the systems for managing product data (PIM, DAM and MAM) and how they work together. To illustrate his explanation, he refers to the connection between EezyBridge (DAM) and DataProcessor TJ (PIM).

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January 7, 2018

Try EezyBridge 2 weeks for free

EezyBridge offers 1 system to search, modify, use, and share digital assets.
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